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Balancing Rocks

Online Coaching with Diepti Mehta

D is someone who likes keeping it light and more importantly Real. A banking professional for 13+ years, D is now a spiritual counsellor, 9 dimensional healer and a home maker who works with ease, taking time and giving time to each of her clients to understanding their requirements.


She works with various mediums like numerology, astrology, chanting, mantras, basic conversations putting the individuals at ease. D Nexxt Door is not just a website of an individual but a dream that D nurtures to make everyone whoever approaches her feel at home just as her next door neighbour. A neighbour with who you could share life's everyday conversations to add a twinkle to your day and a spring to your step!


A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Let's talk in a tabular form

Conversations for better digestion

Believe it or not...we eat much more than food. Mental food is extremely important for a seamless relationship between the mind, body and soul. 

Digital Detox

DD rightly called DoorDarshan earlier, helped us get closer to ourselves with its timely presence.  But this DD is even more more important now than ever! 

Women's Health

Mental Health for every human being is of utmost importance. Women at times tend to be negligent of their health while being engaged in taking care of their family's needs. At Dnexxtdoor we give it prime importance! 

Weight Fluctuations

All of us? Dreading to get on that weighing scale? With a balanced diet and a balanced calm collected mindset, it the fluctuations come under control.

Stress and Fatigue

Who doesn't face it? With chanting, meditation, mantras etc  stress can be combated and dealt with ease.

Something that can be easily done away with when we stop having negative conversations ! 


The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

 Diepti  is like a Angel in all our lives She is a positive and a pure soul always giving a Ray of Light and Hope. Anyone who gets connected to her feels like she is like a Healing Angel. I am lucky to have her in my Life.


“I was going through tough times in my close relationships when my long time friend Diepti provided the much needed healing touch through positive affirmations and powerful chants. Within a short period of time I could feel my thoughts getting reoriented in the right direction. I feel so much at peace after I let Diepti guide me. I am forever indebted to her


After the lockdown I was in a very low mode and that's the time I needed help. I reached out to my very good friend Diepti Mehta for getting back my balance in life. She helped me calm myself down with meditation and brought back positivity in my life by introducing me to positive affirmations, spiritual chants, bringing in angels in my life. I am very grateful to her for helping me out with her guidance and giving me tremendous strength and support during my turbulent times. Thank you very much for every bit of my upliftment dear Diepti


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