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9 D healing

D's Journey and 9D Healing

I started my journey as a complete novice on the path of spirituality. Working in MNC’s for almost 21 years with a very busy life and schedule I had everything I wanted yet there was something amiss. I didn’t know what it was, I was on a quest to find out more about life, about sufferings, relationships & ended up leaving my job without a second thought. Post resignation, I battled depression, anxiety, loss of financial freedom. It was an arduous journey, the path wasn’t easy. Life kept throwing boulders on every path I walked. The challenge was to face the storm & bounce back with resilience.


Today after spending almost a decade in evolving myself & becoming self aware I wish to help and heal all those who are struggling in their life. I have been initiated into Kriya Yoga since the last 5 years & am also a certified Pranic healer. I have also been practicing chakra cleansing for almost a decade now. When I tasted spirituality it was an instant connection, my soul knew that this is what I was waiting for.

 I spent a lot of money on healers, astrologers & mystics but all that was temporary because healing had to happen from within. No one can help you until you choose to help yourself. I have come this far only after meeting few right teachers who truly helped me evolve & helped polish my rough edges to bring me where I stand as a healer today.


I bring to you the 9th dimensional healing which helps you transform most uniquely into a person full of positive energy. A state of consciousness is a dimension which has its specific frequency according to the laws & principles that are set in for that dimension.

Every individual vibrates at a certain frequency. Some vibrate at a higher frequency & some at a lower frequency. Based on this frequency they get categorized & put them in that specific dimension.


There are 12 dimensions that exist in our universe , dimensions can be seen as different levels of awareness. The lower the dimension the living beings carry lower & hate filled energies, higher the dimension carries higher spirituality.


You can draw the 9th dimension frequencies into your life by staying highly spiritual & connected to the spiritual realm. The 9th dimension is known to bring a beautiful balance in your life. It helps you ease your mind & attract all sorts of positivity that are possible to be attracted while getting your body, mind & soul rid of all the negativity that lies within them.


Application of 9th dimensional energies


Dimensional energies from here can be downloaded by healers to the clients to stimulate the brain to send message to the body for healing. This is one of the first levels that vibrates so far beyond human experience that there are no personal issues associated with this chakra.

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