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About Healthy Living

Life is not merely about eating healthy but thinking and spreading healthy thoughts too. Negative words and negative emotions charge an atmosphere with negativity and pollute our homes far more than chemical pollution. We have some beautiful healthy living techniques which are customized for your life specially. 

The Cord Cutting Healing Process

Cord cutting is a spiritual healing process that energetically severs that negative attachment between you &  the other person so that the bonds, connections, stigma & shadow of the past does not impact you or hinder you in your present life and heal it karmically.


Cord cutting is a gentle process that helps you cleanse & recharge your personal energy field by severing unwanted cords or attachment with others.


Humans are born with etheric cord, cords of  connections and attachments.With Etheric cord cutting negative & non serving cords are removed while strengthning the healthy & positive emotions.

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Image by Ashley Batz
Image by Sierra NiCole Narvaeth

The Crystal Charging Oyster 

Pearls take time to emerge...but one often forgets the importance of the Oyster's patience and suitable chamber required to create something as serene as a pearl.


Crystals by themselves emanate very good energy when charged but they need to be recharged regularly. The charging effect does not last long & they need to be charged at regular interrvals. With the 9D healing energy we can charge your crystals , so you can start using them again, the energy will last much more longer than the usual charging. The cleansing methods used during the 9D healing energy are chosen with a lot of scientific backing. 



Crystals get tired & they need to be re energised periodically but with 9D healing energy they could be permanently energised , all one has to do is cleanse them. There's only a one time cost involved.

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