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Meet Diepti

9 D Healer and Astro Numerologist


D is someone who likes keeping it light and more importantly Real. A banking professional for 13+years, D is now a full time home maker and a spiritual counsellor who works with ease, taking time and giving time to each of her clients to understanding their requirements. She works with various mediums like numerology, astrology, chanting, mantras, basic conversations putting the individuals at ease.

DNexxtDoor is not just a website of an individual but a dream that D nurtures to make everyone whoever approaches her feel at home just as her next door neighbour. A neighbour with who you could share life's everyday conversations to add a twinkle to your day and a spring to your step!

Approachable. Friendly Next Neighbour. A Warm Hug. These are generally the three words you will be greeted with when you meet DND. (Diepti nexxt door) A banking professional/executive for 13+ years Diepti like any other individual has been the multi tasking woman we have all been and continue to be. A full time home maker and a spiritual counsellor, Diepti works with various people patiently understanding each one's requirements, counselling each one individually. The beauty of combining challenges, choosing your thoughts and changing yourself gradually is a beautiful process like that of a caterpillar, cocoon, chrysalis before becoming the Butterfly. Just like the butterfly may not be able to see its beauty but is beautiful; I would like to be that person in your life whenever you need me, to let you know you are beautiful.

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