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Predictions for the year 2022

Year 2022 which totals to number 6 is a year of Venus. . When we say Venus it immediately relates to caring, emotional & Social planet. The planet Venus is named for the goddess of love, beauty , charm, grace, romance & pleasure. Venus governs our relationship to money, aesthetics & luxuries. So our current year which is the year of Venus is an interesting year & here are some of the predictions for the year 2022.

  1. This year Social media, film industry globally, beauty products, luxury products will see a great boom.

  2. 2022 is a female centric year. Lot of women will come in the limelight in terms of Sports, film industry & other top & elite positions globally.

  3. There will be a good rise in population this year(hopefully not) since this is a year of love n romance.

  4. Lot of natural calamities expected this year due to rise in global warming which is in turn related to acquisition of more material goods

  5. There will be a good rise in Real estate market , people will want to buy bigger houses

  6. Year of aesthetic beauty- interior decorators & Architects & all kinds of Artists will do extremely well this year.

  7. We will be seeing more new variants of Corona virus

  8. Our Presidential elections this year will be a game changer- expect the unexpected.

  9. This is a good year for India, Europe, Canada.

  10. In terms of Sports India, New Zealand & England will perform well this year.

  11. We will see a great rise in Travels n Tourism, Hotel industry, Restaurants

  12. Share markets will be volatile as usual, may fall sometime in April , will be good towards the year end.

  13. Gold will shine in the year 2022. Gold could see the new high.

  14. BJP will win elections in UP & Uttarakhand, will form their government. Punjab chances are very bright for Amrinder Singh to be the CM again

  15. Will see a revolutionary change in gaming, internet sector. Will see a whole new gambit of digital gadgets.

  16. Inflation will be all time high but at the same time people earning & purchase power will increase too.

  17. We will see Indian Women winning prestigious new titles hopefully.

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