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Healthy Life Book Recommendations

Essential Reading


If Truth Be Told

A Monk's Memoir

Om Swami

I was truly amazed by this book, I was completely bowled by  the simplicity & depth of his wisdom. He is such a wonderful orator with a simple yet profound sense of humor. This book is about his life transforming journey from becoming a multimillionaire to renouncing everything abruptly in quest & search of his divine mother (Goddess Kali) & the arduous journey he took to fulfill his desire. There's so much to learn from Swamiji & his discourses . I have become a great fan of him post reading this book & post this book I took my spiritual journey seriously. whenever I have a question in my mind somewhere in Swamiji's discourses lies the answer I'm looking for. 


I have also read several of his other books which are equally good &  I enjoyed reading them completely.


Don't Kill Him

Ma Anand Sheela

A memoir by Ma Anand Sheela, Don't Kill Him is a fascinating read. 

Maa Anand Sheela was a personal Secretary to Osho from 1981-1985 & was his strength &  support in making him Bhagwan Rajneesh. She was one of the dominant voices that propagated the Rajneesh movement. In 1986, she pleaded guilty & was wrongly convicted by Osho too.

She was sentenced to 20 years of federal prison for the bioterror war to attempt murder but she was not upset with the decision. She did later on plead guilty, her sentence was reduced to 39 months as she carried the valuable teachings of Osho and she was allowed to go free. There's so much to learn from this strong fierce woman who's faced so much in life & now leading a very simple life dedicating her life to the elderly aged people. What a humble soul. Must read book. It's a game changer.

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The Homecoming

Sri M

I remember I had a visit ot my homeopath & he mentioned about this book & why it was highly recommended for reading & coincidentally I had just bought the book & had started reading the same.It talks about how a Tapasvi condemns a man from a different religion who happens to give up his life because he's unable to face rejection from whom he thought would be his teacher & this monk is made to reincarnate & settle his karmas & then begins his journey on the path of spirituality. Very engripping book. Conversant with the principles and beliefs of most major religions, Sri M's teachings seek to transcend the outer shell of all religions by exploring the core of their teachings and nurturing the innate goodness in every human being.Highly recommeded book for all & sundry.


The Laws of the Spirit World

Khorshed Bhavnagiri

This was the first book recommended by my teacher who made me taste spirituality. All those questions about life after death are being answered & the journey of the soul after death.A lot of us are ignorant about so many realities of life & the purpose for which we have incarnated. It gives an inner touch with life & the soul's purpose & clears a lot of misconceptions that we carry..  Highly recommended for reading not only for those who have lost their loved ones  but also for those who are on spiritual path & who are interested in the laws of universe & our connection with the spiirit world. 


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